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Tammy Kling is one of the world’s top Ghostwriters.
Tammy Kling is a futurist and thought leader who ignites world changers. Her TEDx talk, Words are Currency, has changed the way leaders, teens, and youth use their words.

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Love | Words Are Currency

Words are currency. And sometimes the fewer you use, the greater the velocity. Think about the power of just a few words, strung together. You can do it. Think differently. Anything is possible. You’re beautiful. You have a great smile. I love your brain. Thank... read more

Influence | Corporate Ghostwriter

Influence | Ghostwriter Why is it that authors have influence? For thousands of years, authors and thinkers have created ideas, put them into books and spread them throughout the culture from city to city, and country to country, changing lives. Some of these ideas... read more

Leadership in 2015

What are you going to do in 2015 that’s going to help drive even better results for your customers, your business and for you? Madness is always doing what we always did, and expecting different results, let alone better results. If you want to achieve different... read more
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