Tammy Kling is a bestselling author who teaches others that “words are currency.” Her TED talk, describes how your words can change and even save lives. Tammy often coaches celebrities, athletes and CEOs through the book process.


Tammy Kling is a sought after speaker on global stages, on the subject of Legacy, and the Power of Words. As a futurist and thought leader who ignites world changers. Her TEDx talk, Words are Currency, has changed the way leaders, teens, and youth use their words.

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Heroes are created in the moment of crisis

“Heroes are created in the moment of crisis.”   Legendary golfer, Chi Chi Rodriguez, was standing in my kitchen when he told me that. He said it was a life lesson his father taught him. We talked a lot about fear and courage that day, as it relates to business and life. We all have things we feel fearful or hesitant about and it’s this statement that reminds us to address them head on, and push through that feeling.   I don’t know about you, but the biggest challenges I’ve faced are often so much bigger in my mind far before they ever are in reality. No matter what you’re facing, as we enter into this holiday season, take comfort in the understanding that you’re not alone.   Don’t succumb to the naysayers, the blues, or the obstacles in your life or business path. This next year is going to be filled with love, growth, and opportunity!   When faced with an obstacle, consider keeping a journal by your bed and writing down a list of action steps you can take to overcome. Just the simple act of planning, and making the list, provides a sense of comfort and allows you to feel more in control. The next time you’re faced with a crisis – consider it an opportunity to warrior up!   To your legacy,   Tammy... read more

Release Letter to Parents from the Fresh Teacher

Business Editors Writers NOTE TO EDITORS: Inside The item title WRITE~NOW(TM) known in this News release, there is a tilde between NOW and PUBLISH. This Mark may well not look precisely in some methods. BASH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 16, 2003 WRITE~NOW(TM) Publishing Software Immediately Measures And Feedback, Supporting Learners Strengthen and Enrich Writing Skills Although Reducing Extended Grading Process for Academics SDIdeas, Inc., programmer and marketer of revolutionary publishing advancement engineering, today released the availability of WRITE~NOW(TM) application, the publishing enhancement technology that helps individuals of all ages to enhance and boost their publishing abilities, while removing the long grading method for educators. Donahue, mentor at characteristics manager for Language Publication and Dade University, specifically developed the perfect solution is for your issues of the poor writers in America. WRITE~NOW assists pupils boost their publishing abilities by answering openended questions and offering feedback on syntax arrangement, vocabulary and much more. WRITE~NOW has been employed under an extensive test-marketing software nationally at various colleges and universities. Now, after numerous exam deployments that are successful, WRITE~NOW will be made available to students and academics worldwide. "Bad writing is really a national situation, and Americans are less savvy than ever before," commented Dr. Remove, link the battery prospects and start the vehicle. Steven Donahue, founding father of SDIdeas, Inc. "A writing innovation, this online system measures students’ reports giving them effective feedback while sensing and solving the proliferation of sub-standard use, including hip hop to the undoubtedly obscene. We look forward to making this application available to pupils with the expectation of writing tactics that are vastly improving." The software that is innovative... read more

Mobilepreneur: What would happen if you quit your job and lived your dream to travel the world?

I quit my job after 12 years and flew to Romania to work in an orphanage. When I looked into the sea-blue eyes of Michael, a toddler with a shock of platinum hair, I knew I would never go back to work. My corporate job was stellar, and I had traveled all over the world from Singapore, to Zurich, to Buga, to Anguilla and beyond. But I knew that season was over and that I would never go back to the life I’d had before.   I had a strong vision and desire to live a life of purpose. After the trip working in orphanages, I returned to America, but not for long. The sound of the children’s voices remained with me, as I remembered them lined up, singing “Take me with you back to America.”   I went to Romania again, determined to rescue one or more, and then learned that the country had closed down their adoption program. It was a disappointment, however I continued to live a life of service. I had my own two sons and learned that if you have faith, and take action, your life will be richer than you’d ever known.   In the years since that initial trip I’ve traveled to Peru, climbed Macchu Picchu, played with street kids, fed the homeless, traveled back to Romania many times to build swingsets in orphanages, and worked disaster relief. My two boys came with me and worked the tornado relief in Joplin, Missouri with Operation Blessing.     I began writing books from planes, cars, jungles, hotels, trains, and sidewalk cafes in Argentina,... read more
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