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Words are the great Currency we have to empower, create, build up a life, and generate love.

- Tammy Kling

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“She invited me to audition for her TEDx stage, and now I’m a global speaker.”

What’s your story?

After 15 years of coaching the world’s top entrepreneurs, celebrities, and CEOs, I’ve observed that even the one-percent have blind spots. Often it’s only one limiting belief that holds high achievers back from living their life purpose.

When I founded The Conversation, it was to give leaders a safe place to gather under
the stars for 1 night, amongst other world changers, to create a massive shift.

If you’re feeling that undeniable anxiety, that there’s more to life for you than what you’re living now or a pull in a different direction, reach out today.
Our world changer coaching program is confidential, one on one, and designed to equip coaches and leaders.

Words are enough to rewrite your story today

Advisor to world changers

Transformation expert

Founder of: World school and The Conversation

CEO of On Fire Books Leadership Company

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Ivo NelsonHealthcare Entrepreneur
Sold his company to IBM
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"Tammy ignited me to think differently and focus on what matters most."
David JohnsonEntrepreneur
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The Conversation changed my life!
RupinderCitibank executive
Harvard PhD candidate
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Everything you say, in our coaching session brings extreme clarity to my heart.

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