Your Words Matter

If your life and business expertise and intellectual property isn’t worth saving, and passing on, what is?

Timeless authors like Napoleon Hill and CS Lewis are still changing lives today. We can save dollars in the bank but your legacy isn’t that. Your legacy isn’t your achievements either. When I coach successful CEOs and leaders I say – you are not what you do. 

You are who you are. And that’s your legacy. 

Right now we are creating books for a lot of different celebrities including Chi Chi Rodriguez and Darryl Strawberry, but not because they’re celebrities.

I’m fixated on the inner workings of their soul, the stories they tell when they cry, remembering failures or weaknesses, and share their story in order to hopefully change the life of someone else. Whether it’s a homeless man, a stay at home mom, or a former alcoholic who overcame that struggle – I am passionate about finding the best story. 

And the best is the one that changes lives. 

You only got one life, so live it. Create a legacy worth writing about and then do what less than 3% of the population can do. Write a book about it, to pass it on to your clients, children, or humanity for thousands of generations. 

Not sure where to start?

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