Now is the time to use your gifts as a world changer.

This morning Chi Chi Rodriguez, the legendary golfer, told me that you cannot have courage without a crisis. Courage takes extraordinary strength. 

What a beautiful message. It gives me hope that whenever I face a crisis, I can dig deep and tackle it head on with the spirit of a warrior. It gives me a chance to be courageous.

This isn’t a message about writing books, even though I’m the CEO of a book company. It’s a message about legacy. We have a hybrid company where we give homeless people jobs as editors and writers, but we also do much more. We help them and also our clients, understand that their story can change the world.

I often say that “your story matters,” and it’s true. 

It doesn’t matter how small you think your story is, it can change your life. If you’ve been through a rough conversation, a break up, and you’ve managed it well, or maybe you didn’t but now you’re on the other side of it, chances are that you’re ahead of many people. 

Some people don’t manage those things at all. Some, like my father, end their lives because they have lost all hope. 

Some, like him, lose hope that someone could ever love them. Others lose hope in becoming successful, of overcoming their mistakes, or that they have no purpose in this world. I live to create hope and legacy in others. I want to help people discover their legacy and it’s the only reason I help others write books. 

If only.

If only I could read a book that my father had written. How magnificent would that be?

Hope is such an important thing for each one of us and all of mankind. Hope allows us to believe that, even in the worst circumstances, life can get better.

As we gear up for our annual event called The Conversation this week, I realize that it’s all about Legacy. How can we inspire and ignite people to change their lives? How can we encourage them to build a business model that helps them become an impactpreneur instead of an entrepreneur?  Your story matters.

-Tammy Kling


New York Times Best Selling Author