Wrong Number

Have you ever had a chance encounter that turned into something more? Maybe you traveled down the wrong road, but discovered it to be right after all. Maybe you had plan A, but then realized that plan B was what was destined all along.

I received a hang up on my phone the other day, from the area code 281. Curious, I called the number back, but no one answered. I did a reverse lookup on the number, because well, it’s a simple thing to do, and it returned a name. Not recognizing it, I tried the number again, and a woman named Marsha answered. 

Me:  Hello? I got a hang up from this number and I was wondering if I knew you. This is Tammy.

Her: Tammy? No, I can’t say that I do. Who are you?

Me: Okay, well, I’m an author, and I live in the Dallas area. 

Her: An author? I don’t know any authors, well, my husband, you see, he…(pause) he has cancer. My daughter has cancer. So, living in a house with two cancer patients there are a lot of calls going in and out. 

Me: Well, nothing happens by accident. Tell me about your life. That must be hard to handle – for you, I mean – emotionally?

So we talked for an hour, which is quite remarkable since I’m not a telephone conversationalist, and I don’t like to talk on the phone. I text friends, email business partners, and Facebook clients. I am a lover of the written word, an author of books, and I like the simplicity of black and white communication. 

But on this day… the world and the chaos in my house stopped and I sat back, and listened. I sat in a quiet part of the house so I could focus my attention on Marsha, my new friend, mother of a daughter with cancer, and a husband with cancer that had been – gleefully – in remission. He was strong, he was working around the house, he was showing no signs of fatigue! He’d gained weight, and looked better than ever.

Yesterday I received this email, and I was honored to be included in her inner circle of friends.

Dear ones:

My husband’s tests did not have good results this time.

The full body P.E.T. scan, MRI brain scan, and blood work all show that the lung

cancer has returned and spread to his liver, pancreas and brain.

It has taken awhile to gather enough energy to prepare this email. We were not in any way prepared for these results. We ask for your prayers for complete healing and strength. With God, all things are possible. This week he will be having a gamma knife radiation procedure to his brain. May God bless you and we send our love to each one of you.

That’s a shortened version of my new friend’s email, and as I prepared a stack of books, and other small gifts to mail to her, I envisioned the day we’d meet. We both agreed on the phone that the wrong number, had a purpose, and that we were destined to talk. “We don’t know the reason today, Tammy, but in the future it will become clear.”

We talked about my book and how one of the core messages within, are that there are people in your life who are messengers. “Normally I’m a messenger,” I told her, “but for some reason this time, I think it’s you.”

She is a woman of strong faith, and I’m glad she’s my friend. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

New York Times Best Selling Author