Writing Tips

  1. Writers write. Journal, and write everyday.
  2. Great writers are readers too. Read the books that resemble the type of things you’d like to write. Spend time in the bookstore at least once a week.
  3. Keep a journal in your car, your purse, your office. Be prepared to take notes in the middle of the night. Record your dreams, and be ready to capture amazing nuggets at any moment! If you don’t catch the thought when it comes, you might lose it.
  4. Write an amazing query letter. Understand that writing is an industry, with specific guidelines. If you desire to pitch your book to an agent create your synopsis and short pitch, and send it in a query letter. Read my blog for more information on how to do this and attract an agent.
  5. Be authentic. Write about what’s in your heart, not what you believe to be commercial.
  6. Create your 30 second pitch. When talking to agents publishers or readers, you’ll need to be able to describe your book literally, in thirty seconds. What’s it about? Be clear, and concise.

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