Words: How To Use the Power of Words to Ignite Ideas, Leverage Connections, and Influence Others (Introduction)

Words – is a game changer for igniting ideas in lives, organizations, and business. Your words have power. They can influence nations, families, teams, individuals and cultures.

Words can build or destroy – relationships and corporations.

As a global ghostwriter to the world’s top CEOs, celebrities and professional athletes, I have an insiders view into the most influential words, books, and speeches that have shaped our culture.

What words do you use on a daily basis both face to face and online? Your words have power.

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How well do you communicate?

Words are an asset or a liability, depending upon how you use them.

We remember the greatest leaders in the world for their words. Their life-changing speeches, inspirational books, and profound quotes live on today, as timeless as the universe itself. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lincoln, Jesus, Anne Frank, Winston Churchill, and business and political greats like Buffet, Merkel, and Branson.

Words live on as a legacy, an imprint of your life and your philosophies.

Words can create social influence, another asset that increases your position in relationships, at work with colleagues and management, or with clients. Influence also extends the way we impact our friends and family. If you cannot influence the ones closest to you, how will you influence the world? Influence is the ability to get others to see your point of view, and often, act on it. Influence is real and tangible.

You know an influential person when you see them. Even if their words are few, they are good with their words. They know the value of the right words at the right time. Their timing is impeccable. They don’t talk over others, but they listen instead. They pause… and speak action-oriented phrases and truths that inspire.

Do you remember the most inspirational words you ever heard? Maybe it was a teacher, friend, or leader. Maybe a speaker at a motivational conference or a loved one, or someone who spoke truth into your life.

When I work with a homeless person on the street, or under a bridge, I often find that they have forgotten those positive words. They’ve clung to the negative ones like a barnacle on the side of a boat. When I sit in the office of a celebrated CEO and listen to him weep about his childhood as he shares his story, those old words that wounded him are revealed again. Words matter. The good ones lift and elevate, inspiring cultures and families, and teams to greatness. The bad ones stay with us until we decide to let them go.

Investing in words is the biggest investment you can make. They add value to your life and business and strengthen your relationships. Better words make you better. They will alter your identity and empower you to new heights, changing you from the inside out.

Most of us don’t think much about the words we use because we’ve been speaking since childhood. Talking is a basic skill, and we do not generally focus on the way we use word or how well we use them as we progress through life. At times you may have attended a speakers class or presentation course that was focused on delivering a talk.

But, the words we are focusing on in this book are the daily words we speak silently to ourselves and the words we speak out loud to others.

This is a book to help you use more powerful words. 

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Tammy Kling is a best-selling author, TED Speaker, CEO of OnFire Books, and Ghostwriter of 251 books and counting, including: The Compass, Freedom, and There’s More to Life than the Corner Office. Tammy’s latest book, WORDS is being used by the Ritz Carlton in their leadership training. 

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