Words Change Lives

What would it mean for you to make an impact on the world?

Maybe you’re already doing it, or perhaps you’re just now thinking of it, but making a difference is the best way to leave this planet better than you arrived. One company,OnFire Books, has been employing homeless writers, editors and readers, for years.

They’ve done homeless book drops, delivered writing workshops in homeless shelters and soup kitchens, and have regularly brought teams of individuals and writers to assist the homeless on the street.

Do they feed them? No. They give them words instead.

“There are plenty of ways to eat if you’re homeless,” CEO Tammy Kling says. “One homeless friend told us that you could eat five times a day if you want just by visiting various shelters at breakfast, lunch or dinnertime. But we serve up something much more important. Words save lives. We deliver hope through the power of words.”

Hope is what people need to create real change. Hope feeds your  mindset, empowers you to believe, to strive for better, to thrive.

Kling started serving the homeless years ago after meeting a man on the street who needed a meal. She bought him food and sat with him and talked through his struggle. But the desire to change his life and the lives of others wasn’t just a random calling. Kling’s father committed suicide when she was seven. “Words save lives. They don’t just change them,” Kling says. “We want to pour hope and restoration and promise into every book we help create.”

OnFire Books is one of the most prestigious book creation companies in the world. They’ve written hundreds of books and have a very selective process. They work with athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs and what Kling refers to as, World Changers. “You don’t have to be a billionaire to write a book with us but you do have to be a world changer, which I define as someone with the desire to make a difference.”

This clearly isn’t just any ghostwriting company. Meet Nate Houston.

Nate Houston is a man Kling met on the street when he was homeless.” She was the only one who saw me,” he said. Today, Nate is a prolific writer who has already published his own book, “The Secret to Overcoming Any Addiction.”

We can all make a difference. We can all change lives and even save lives. Start by integrating your own passion into your business today. What is it you care about? In what ways can you make a difference?

About OnFire Books Writing Company: 

OnFire Books is a book creation, marketing and corporate communications company with a strong history of books under its belt. Tammy Kling is a best-selling author, TED Speaker, CEO of OnFire Books, and Ghostwriter of 251 books and counting, including: The Compass, Freedom, and There’s More to Life than the Corner Office. Tammy’s latest book, WORDS is being used by the Ritz Carlton in their leadership training. 

New York Times Best Selling Author