Words are Currency

I’m in London today writing a book for a world changer. He’s got a lifetime of experience in business and now he’s ready to write a legacy book that will transform lives.

Words are currency. The words you use in writing, whether it’s in a text, email or book, can change and even save a life.

When I was asked to deliver a TEDx talk, I said that no matter who you are –
whether you’re a scientist, a CEO or a writer like me – words determine how much influence you have on this earth.

Words can build and words can destroy. The words you choose can incite violence or inspire peace.
What kind of words do you use to talk yourself?

I write books about such topics as healthcare, business, leadership, transformation and culture.

Words are a corporate leader’s way of communicating ideals to clients. And how about internal communication – words meant to educate, unite and inspire employees?

Corporate communications is one of the biggest assets within a business.

I’m in the right business for the next decade. Words don’t go out of style.

Be powerfully intentional about your words.

Do so not only in business, but in your personal life, on Facebook and Twitter, and

with your loved ones, your children and your friends.

What words do you use?

New York Times Best Selling Author