Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.42.35 AMWhen I was asked to speak at a conference recently, they gave me the topic of Wisdom. 6 letters. 

Interesting, because in my career working with world changers, CEOs, athletes, and  celebrities on their books and businesses, I’ve observed five currencies that make people great. Wisdom is certainly one of them.

I did a TEDx talk on how Words are Currency, and the other currencies I’ve observed are social equity (how well you build authentic relationships) and Wisdom (seeing the unseen).

I’ve been able to work with the worlds top CEOs in my role as a corporate ghostwriter, the top publishers and film producers as an author myself with my own books, and some amazing entrepreneurs. But what I’ve learned is that worldly wisdom, the finest education, or even millions of dollars, doesn’t equate to wisdom.

At the entrance to Harvard university the gates are inscribed, “Enter here to grow in wisdom.”

Yet even serial killers, like Unabomber Ted Kazinsinski were accepted into Harvard, illustrating that IQ has nothing to do with wisdom.

Wisdom is more precious than rubies. To the world it’s as valuable as love. Wisdom, is also alluring. Who doesn’t love to sit for hours and listen, to an intellectual man, or woman. Wisdom is alluring. When you have authentic wisdom, people are drawn to you.

Wisdom is something everyone intelligent seeks. No matter what your religion or denomination, or station in life, wisdom is important. Non believers and believers alike consider it valuable. Yet not everyone has wisdom, because those who seek counsel in every quote, famous philosopher, ancient tradition, or words of a friend are simply a boat being tossed by the waves in the sea.

What kind of wisdom do you seek?

Because everyone wants to give you their opinion.

Wisdom is like water. There are many different kinds.

There’s black water. Clear water. Pink water. Sparkling water. And even coconut water. They all taste different. They all have different chemicals. Even tap water has Chemicals because the city puts it through a chlorination process. Only one water is pure.

The water that came from the rivers or the mountain stream.

I’m an author. I must have wisdom.

To save a life, of a reader. To speak truth. You cannot help someone if you don’t hear clearly.

Sometimes the only way to seek wisdom is to block out the world. When I’m working on a book as a business writer, or ghostwriter or even a book for my myself, I’ve got  to seek wisdom. Which means I’ve got to block out the world.  Are you creating that margin time?

When I’m invited to speak at a conference I spend the day prior eliminating the world by turning off phones, emails, and any intrusions. I wear headphones until I get on stage that morning, so I’m not distracted by the speaker before me.  If you’ve got a gift, or a message, protect it.

Protect it before it’s lost.

Seek wisdom, get it down on paper, and block out the world if you have to in order to get it done.  Authentic Wisdom is the foundation for all truth. And you can’t buy that, at Harvard.

New York Times Best Selling Author