what’s your story?

There are two forces warring against your soul. Is it any wonder that life here on earth is not for the faint of heart? At times it’s a battle. Survival of the fittest.

In Epic, John Elderidge writes “Life doesn’t come to us like a math problem. It comes to us the way that a story does, scene by scene. You wake up. What will happen next? You don’t get to know-you have to enter in, take the journey as it comes. The sun might be shining. There might be a tornado outside. Your friends might call and invite you to go sailing. You might lose your job. Life unfolds like a drama.”

One thing I know for sure on my own journey through this life, is that there are things we can’t see, and things we cannot explain. You’ll be put into situations you strive to understand, but sometimes there’s no understanding at all.

A friend came to me perpelexed about a relationship and why it didn’t work out. She lived in one state, he in the other. He’d said many things to her over the course of their 8 months together, including that he loved her. Yet she was conflicted about moving forward, and continually confused. He said that he wanted to move to her city to experience life with her day to day, yet he’d also said many conflicting statements. She ran through the list of them and asked me what she should do. “We’ve never been exclusive, right?” he’d said after 8 months of her, investing in him. and, “I’m not sure I want someone else’s kids” (she has them), and “I’ve got to focus on the person here right in front of me, and, “I may move out of the country in two years,” and ‘If you love someone, let them go,” and finally, the one she understood the least; ‘I don’t want to hurt you.”

“How does all of that make you feel?” I asked.

“I know that he loves me. 100 percent. When we are together it’s the best feeling in the world. But, I end up confused. He hasn’t introduced me to any of his friends. And, we don’t see each other on weekends even. His actions don’t match his words. and, there are times when his words don’t even match his words!”

She had wanted to explore a life with this man. Was considering a major, life change to be with him. He’d recently asked her; “what’s preventing us from exploring a future together?” In the same conversation they had talked seriously about relocating their lives to the same city, and yet once again he took a step back. “Well, if I move somewhere else instead, I hope you don’t think it’s a bad sign for us.”

She was at a crossroads, seeking an answer.

I told her that in the end, life is really very simple. Life is a story, and there are invisible forces warring against your soul at all times, so we must first seek the Kingdom of God, for answers, instead of trying to figure it all out on our own. Sometimes, there are no answers visible to the naked eye.  Yet we humans continue to try to understand what cannot be understood. If you are confused and lack peace, just stop. Take a deep breath. Maybe turn the car around and take a different road.

And, as a writer let me remind you, that every scene, every story, has a beginning, a  middle, and an end. Sometimes we drag the end out too long. Have you ever seen a movie like that? And sometimes we end things before they’re supposed to. Still at other times, we’re that character in the story that messes up the outcome.

Try, but be prepared to let go of that which confuses you. The simplicity, is the fruit.  yes is yes. no is no.

What’s the fruit of your story? If a scene is confusing, and you repeat that same scene and it’s still confusing, you have to wonder who the author of that story is. The fruit of a good and healthy tree, is tasty, lovely, and light.

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