What’s Your Story?

Why is it that authors have influence?

For thousands of years, authors and thinkers have created ideas, put them into books and spread them throughout the culture from city to city, and country to country, changing lives.

Some of these ideas have sprouted into movements. Some become bestsellers.

As a thinker, and catalyst to great minds, I am a connector of ideas. Most of my clients call me their “muse” or igniter, but my mission, is clear. My mission is to equip world changers.

When someone comes to me to create a bestseller I can automatically see if the idea will be, as TED says, “an idea worth spreading.” A lot of this is determined by the need of the culture itself.

Authors are thinkers and creators, and have some of the biggest impact on the world. They are writers who have created a product. Authorpreneurs.

They have been, throughout time, among the elite to dine with Presidents and world leaders, and captains of industry. Rockefeller and Churchill had author friends in their inner circle, and writers have advised some of the greatest leaders in the world.

What’s your idea? What’s your story?

As an author, ghostwriter, corporate communications strategist and corporate ghostwriter, I’m continually amazed by the ideas people bring me. A 90-year old widow writing her first book. A retired doctor putting his life experience from the emergency room on the written page, to save lives. A billionaire who wants to create a legacy. The child who had a stroke and wants to tell his story.

Not every idea has to be a bestseller. One book I wrote hit the New York Times bestsellers list, the author was on the jumbotron in Times Square, and he helped millions understand that 90% of cardiovascular disease is preventable. He ignited a change in my thinking. And I connected his ideas to the world.

Your idea might be worth spreading, from country to country, from city to village, to the individual whose life you will transform. Tell it, today. Share it with us.

Tammy Kling is a best-selling author, TED Speaker, CEO of On Fire Books, and Ghostwriter of 251 books and counting, including: The Compass, Freedom, and There’s More to Life than the Corner Office. Tammy’s latest book, WORDS is being used by the Ritz Carlton in their leadership training. 

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#WORDS are currency

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