Update on Goldie

I’ve had various inquiries about Goldie, the homeless dog.

Did we take her back to her bridge? well…in short, no.
I was planning to, but then the morning of Easter when it was time to go feed the homeless downtown, I peered out the
window and saw Goldie curled up into a ball next to my black lab, Nicky. She was sleeping soundly. “Let’s just leave her here another week,” I told my husband. He gave me that look….
Bottom line – Goldie is still with us, at the house. Sigh…my dog fell in love with her (seriously) and I can’t stand to break his heart.  I am a sap for love.  So while we are in Paris she and Nicky the black lab will be playing (tearing up) the backyard…stay tuned for more…

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  1. see i told you she would have this dog till it died. Im phsychic or is it phsychotic one of the two anyway


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