Think: How are You Investing in Your Assets?

Time is one of the five assets.

It’s a luxury. The more you have of it, the more you can build and create. You can inspire your team, your colleagues, your kids and yourself, rather than just rushing to meet the endless demands of the day.

Time allows you to build, relax, take an amazing vacation, explore new adventures, write a book or even start a business.

Time is an asset — and it can change the world.

But we have to consciously create and set aside time in our lives.

What if you had more time? What if it was a gift you could buy in two year increments? Would you give those precious years to a child or friend dying of cancer?

Would you continue investing in more time packages in order to get more accomplished? What if you had more time to complete a major project that could transform lives?

Time is an eternal continuum; a never ending thread through life and humanity. Sometimes we feel an internal pressure to race against it.

When I’m working as a corporate ghostwriter, I make sure the words fit the outcome at the appropriate time. What do we need to say? How much time do we have to say it?

When I’m invited to speak at events to adults or even teens, I often talk about how words are currency. Words matter — they’re another asset.

But time is currency too.

It’s not social media, but social equity that connects us to others.

Words + time = relationship.

It’s a simple formula. Think about how you can expand those two assets today. Stay tuned. More next week on the other three assets.

New York Times Best Selling Author