There’s an I in Team (And other truths that will help you and your organization change the world)

If you’ve been called to do something – nobody can do it but you.

That’s enough of a big thought to ponder but if you’re interested in digging deeper, read on.

Thomas Edison spent a lot of time in solitude. So have many scientists, Nobel Prize winners and authors. If you are specifically called upon to achieve something that has never been done, the truth is that you may find yourself doing it alone.

That’s what world changers like the founder of TED Talks or Khan Academy do.

I hate that saying, “There is no I in team.” What if you’re smarter than everyone else on the team? Even if you’re not, there’s certainly many I’s on the team. Each individual person has an ego and is an “I” — that’s what we were each created to be.

Think differently. That’s Apples tagline.

So which is it? What are you going to believe… because you can’t believe both.

I’m in corporate communications and I get paid to think. These are some of the things I think about.

I believe we need to celebrate the individual. If you want to celebrate the team too, go right ahead.
But you’d best be served to search for the standouts. That individual might be that radical thinker who you think goes against the grain too much. You know, the one who brings in the largest accounts or regularly offers up ideas about transforming the company.

After a decade of listening to CEOs, executives and employees share their private thoughts about life and business, I can tell you that I know what makes a great organisation tick.

Of course, it’s typically not popular to go against the grain of the common myths and sayings that travel around society and the business world.

But sometimes the greatest thinkers in the world are the ones who challenge those myths and CHANGE the world.

In fact, don’t you think it’s the greatest minds in the world who change the world?

When you think of Apple, don’t you think of Steve jobs? When you think of athletes, you think of legends like Muhammad Ali or Babe Ruth. Michael Jordan didn’t get great by focusing on anyone around him. He didn’t get permission. Yes, he was certainly part of a team. But he did his own thing.

Today, there’s a trend towards teamwork. Everybody is quick to tell you, “There’s no I in team!”

But yes, there is. He’s called the change maker.

The wild card.
The leader.
The do-er.

You don’t see him a lot in the meetings because he’s out doing stuff.

Yes, there is I in team. Some people just can’t see it because they’re so focused on the team instead of the results.

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