The Jungle Day 2

Today the sun is shining and the Privassion river rages loudly outside the villa. I slept under the stars of a hand made thatched roof hut made by the Belizians but a process dated back to the Mayans.

Yesterday we hiked down to the end of the trail and jumped into the river, toddlers included. It was not for the faint of heart and something grandmother would have a stroke over if she knew. (Luckily she cannot figure out how to read blogs!) The 3 and 5 year old played in the sand, swam in the river, climbed treacherous rocks. It’s the way little boys are meant to be.

Our friend is reading John Elderidges book Wild at Heart. “It’s sure been a growing experience meeting your family,” he said this morning, when I found him at the river’s edge. Wild at Heart is required reading for any man. A rite of passage, and an amazing glimpse into the secrets of why men are who they are, and how the desire for Adventure is firmly branded within their hearts.

So far two of the 9 travelers here have fallen victim to a mysterious illness that’s had them barfing and crying among other symptoms. The illness is in the other Villa isolated to the family we are staying with, and we’re not sure where it came from.

Tonight we are having a Guatemalan dinner. Tomorrow, we take a tiny 12 seater back to Belize airport and fly home.

Always, I am writing. Thinking about love, life, escape, retreat, restraint, and the inner longings of the soul.

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