The Economy

Are you happy?
With all the reports about world violence, strife, stress, the economy woes, brokenness, divorce, and foreclosures, it’s nice to see that even those without nothing can find happiness in the small things.

This video is a typical Sunday morning in downtown Dallas, with a few of my homeless friends.  We talk, eat, and dance. The things families do. Only this is a complex family of fragmented hopes and dreams knitted together for a moment, in one parking lot. Some of them I love like my own brothers. I’ll see them tonight. One, I call my son. He was the first to wish me a happy mother’s day (2am, via text) and I worry about him when I’m halfway across the world, and when I’m here. I know he’s reading this now, and that I’ll see him, God willing, later this week.

This is the core of my work, my life, my writing. Understanding the complexity of humanity, and finding joy in who we are at this moment in the journey.

Although you may have a season of brokenness, find joy.  Push through and follow the plan of your life. There can be joy in ordinary things. Dance, laugh, celebrate.

Stop pursuing prosperity and pursue peace and love, instead. That’s the real secret. The best things in life aren’t things.

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