The Conversation Event | Creede, Colorado

Words change lives. They can even save lives. Words can restore hope, faith, and life in a person or even a business. Words have the power to heal and transform, and it all begins with you. It begins with a conversation, and not just any conversation.

The Conversation Event brings together celebrities, CEOs, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, leaders, and world changers to engage in specific conversations regarding wisdom, legacy, intentionality, business and life plan multiplication, and calling. Every attendee comes to work on themselves, build their life team, and connect with other world changers for a lifetime.

Tonight, for example, 50 world changers will gather in the old mining town of Creede, Colorado to mastermind in the forest around campfires. This is not just any conversation.

The Conversation is like a TEDTalk with a twist: it’s not about speakers, it’s about you. Every Conversation attendee could hold their own TEDTalk – they’re the kind of people whose calendars are booked through the year. They make time in their busy schedules (global meetings, professional sporting events, television shows, etc.) to attend The Conversation, however, because it’s an investment in themselves and a way to give back to others.

Attendees understand that their life struggle, their story, is the fuel that can change someone else’s. And, someone else’s story can transform their lives or business, or both, forever.

Join us for The Conversation Event in Dallas, Texas this September. For complete information, please visit the website at:


Tammy Kling is a best-selling author, TED Speaker, CEO of OnFire Books, and Ghostwriter of 251 books and counting, including: The Compass, Freedom, and There’s More to Life than the Corner Office. Tammy’s latest book, WORDS is being used by the Ritz Carlton in their leadership training. 

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