The Compass

The Compass is the story of our individual journey through life, with all of it’s peaks and valleys. One primary element within the book is that you are not what you do, but you are simply who you are. The achievement, job, and titles we place on others are merely layers on top of the true individual inside.

In the book Jonathan, the primary character, has a tragedy that changes the direction of his life. He sets off on a journey of self discovery, leaving his suburban life behind.  There are a few core themes in the book, such as true strength comes from brokenness, and old pain is like an anchor.  (Read an excerpt from the book.)

The book is about the journey we all face in life, and letting go of limiting beliefs that keep us from fulfilling our God given destiny. It’s about discovering what inspires you, and what legacy you will create in this world.

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New York Times Best Selling Author