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As a serial entrepreneur and ambassador for the Kingdom of God, I have been humbled by the opportunity to work with many of the top 1% of leaders within the world of business and the world of ministry. Few possess the intuition, capability and communication skills that Tammy demonstrates to effortlessly bridge the gap between both. As a business person Tammy gets it, as an ambassador for the kingdom of God Tammy lives it, as a writer Tammy communicates it.

Tammy as your personal coach is the simplest way to make sure you will too! My relationship with Tammy as a business person is valuable but her contribution to me as a first time author has been immeasurable. Congratulations on finding her!


Kevin Weaver,

President and Chief Idea Evangelist,

It’s Feasible L.L.C.

Tammy Kling coached me through the process of writing The Transparent Leader and navigating the New York publishing world. Her vision and expertise was invaluable.
Herb Baum, CEO, The Dial Corporation

Tammy Kling is a true professional with great vision to coach you through the process of writing a book and creating your legacy. Her attention to detail and follow through is second to none!

Tony Jeary, Motivational Speaker

CEO High Performance Resources

Tammy Kling coached me through the process of achieving one of my lifelong dreams.

Jeff Reeves

Former NFL player, Seattle Seahawks

Tammy helped simplify the book experience for me though our work on Exit Row in addition to coaching me through the literary process.
Mercedes Ramirez Johnson, Motivational Speaker

Tammy is a unique talent who knows the book business and how to teach aspiring writers what they don’t know. A more positive and fun writer and teacher you will not find.
Lamar Smith, Former CEO – First Command Corporation

Tammy Kling is a dynamic speaker. She had my team in tears, and they came away transformed.

Charles Horton

CEO Fastbucks Corporation

“I can’t imagine how I could have written Face to Face without Tammy’s guidance.  She has a unique sense of when to observe, when to guide, and when to push.  At the end of the day, with Tammy’s help, your words take flight and have meaning beyond what you ever thought possible.  Tammy Kling is a true professional.”

Joel C. Small, DDS, MBA, SBA


Face to Face Leadership

My particular message was about forgiveness and letting go.  This resonated with me  Whilst the story weaves within it human suffering, anger, loss and bitterness, the reader gets an impression of their own life as these incidents unfold and as the main character gets each opportunity to review his life and re-think its meaning.  An uplifting book which made me think of the power of persistence with people.
Steve Consalvez United Kingdom

Managing Director,
Success Formulae Limited

New York Times Best Selling Author