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Tammy’s an innovative thinker who brings in NLP and action oriented words into the client books she writes in order to make a concept, story, or brand linger in the readers mind. Her books are “more than a book” and inspire readers to do. Tammy writes for several major publishers and corporations. Her books have been featured on Dateline NBC, The Discovery Channel, Oprah Radio, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, and other major media.
The Compass
The Compass is a life transformation book to catalyze positive change and guide people to access their dreams.
The Compass includes quotes by Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and T Harv, among others. Tammy enjoys multimedia partnerships and had fun filming the movie The Compass, alongside other speakers such as Tony Jeary, and others.
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New York Times Best Selling Author

Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story