The Birth of an Idea

One of the most frequent questions I get when I’m coaching people is, How do I know what to write about?

And it’s a question that always amazes me. Because the answer is to write about that one thing that’s burning in your soul. Not just an idea you fancy that passes through like a fluttering bluebird, but the one idea that’s embedded in your heart. It’s the idea that’s bursting forth, ready to be born.

I recent filmed a video of the homeless on the streets of Dallas, because it was a passion ignited in my heart. Not a flickering ember, but a forest fire.

When I wrote my first book it was the same way. Books changed my life, and authors gave me wisdom that helped me interview for jobs, conduct presentations, serve others, and win business. In the corporate world, books by CEOs and sales mentors shepherded me along a path to do business in Europe, Latin America,  Singapore, and beyond.

Words help people and organizations grow.

I’ve heard people say “write what you know” but sometimes it’s what you don’t know that’s worth exploring
Write about what you are passionate about. Not just what you know. Take a risk, if necessary. A lot of great ideas were born from risks taken, and from persistence.  It takes more than just thoughts, and dreams. Writers write. Take action and let your dream see the light of day.

New York Times Best Selling Author