What’s your strength?

On my blog, Escape Suburbia, last week I wrote about strength and its relationship to the inner resolve you need to combat stress and pursue adventure.

Adventure helps overcome stress because it gets individuals and teams focused on achievement and challenge. Adventure is good for the soul.

What’s your strength? Identifying this and setting you apart as an expert is mine.

When I’m hired to do a forensic on someone’s book and brand, I edit it with the future revenue goals in mind. Often in just one session I can help link someone’s calling with a way to authentically monetize their mission.

You already know what your greatest strength is. So why not invest in becoming the expert? This doesn’t take long. I’m working with a friend of mine at the NBA and many other fascinating clients right now on building books and brands that last. With every last one, it’s about strength. That’s the key.

Whether you’re a roofer, a technology guru or a basketball player, we each have an individual strength that can help change the world.

Q is an NBA player who overcame adversity after he lost his brother in a robbery. At the time, Q played for the Lakers and was a rising star in basketball. His strength today is helping others overcoming adversity.

This is my passion. My strength is looking at lives and brands, and building on what a business or individual was called to do. Let’s create it, together. Let’s change the world.

What’s your strength?


New York Times Best Selling Author