Tammy Kling is the international author of 104 books, some which have been published in Israel, China, Brazil, Germany, London, France, Bulgaria, Holland, Italy, Portugal and many other countries across the world. She is a literary coach who guides clients through the process of attracting an agent, and a publisher, and writing a book.  Tammy is a speaker, who addresses audiences on the topics of crisis management, reaching the next level, goal setting, and letting go. She is a former crisis management team leader and management executive with American Airlines who wrote one of her first books about an airplane crash in the Colombian jungle.

Tammy’s expertise in ministry teaching is discovering Gods plan for your life, letting go, forgiveness, overcoming adversity, and suicide prevention. Tammy’s ministry books are: There’s More to Life than The Corporate Office and The Compass.

Tammy’s corporate speaking expertise is in curriculum area of: helping employees let go of anchors and individual limiting beliefs, reach next level, increasing sales and productivity. Tammy has written several business books including The Transparent Leader, (leadership and ethics) with CEO of Dial Corp, The Elephant in the Room, (finances) with CEO of First Command Corp, And many others. Tammy has appeared on Dateline NBCPrimetimeGeraldo, and a host of other programs for her books.

She has addressed diverse groups across the globe from managers at American Airlines, to smaller church groups, on the topics of breaking strongholds, letting go, eliminating fear, finding your compass, and rising to the next level.

Bring in Tammy Kling to talk to your Team!

Her world renowned LEGACY Seminar teaches your employees to:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Identify old patterns of thinking
  • Take responsibility for personal leadership
  • Adding to the team, having a servants heart
  • Breaking strongholds for good
  • Creating revenue and catalyzing change

“Tammy Kling is a dynamic speaker. She had my team in tears, and they came away transformed and united.” 

Charles Horton, CEO


There’s More to Life Than the Corner Office: Tammy Kling and Lamar Smith

Are you living the life you were destined for? There’s More to Life than the Corner Office is a parable with powerful life lessons. Whether your goals include the corporate office, starting a business, or merely taking the next step in a personal relationship, this book contains a strong message about the secret to building personal and financial wealth. Within are the specific steps and lessons to build total life prosperity.

New York Times Best Selling Author