Social Equity: The New Asset!

This might be a bit controversial. But I’m going to say it anyways. I apologize in advance to my social media guru. You’re about to cringe. I don’t care, about social media. I. Don’t. Care.

And my successful, amazing clients who are in the top 1% of the world don’t either. What they do care about, is giving back.

Social equity.

People ask me all the time, “Why do you help homeless people?” A friend asked that last week, and I said, “Why do we help anyone?”

I had sat with that same friend a year before as she cried about a life problem, and I listened, talked, and missed two hours of work to coach her.

Is she better because she has a husband who supports her? She doesn’t want to work. And that’s fine by me.

The homeless guy we worked with in our life skills program, just needed a new way of thinking. Three simple life changing principles to help him get unstuck. Today he’s working in sales at a car dealership, (2 years) writing his second book, playing basketball every Friday night on a team, cooking dinner for an elderly grandma, and giving back to the homeless.

Why help any human?

When I sit with world changers, to ghostwrite their books, they are men and women who have real programs in place to change the world.

If this is you, I want to help write your book. If this is not you, I don’t.

Sorry, social media guru, don’t get mad at me. My role on earth is clear. I’m here to use words to change lives. Words are currency. When I ghostwrite a business book I work with authentic human hearts. I do not accept book projects from anyone without a desire to make a legitimate impact.

And honestly, I’m growing weary of those who only look within.  When I’m asked why I help people I ask back, who are you gifted to help?

Please watch this video. This is why I help the homeless.

The guy in the video is now being criticized for capitalizing on the homeless to promote himself in social media.

Don’t get me started. Who cares about social media. It’s social equity – that one on one authentic relationship – between you, your client, your creator, your family, your kids, that matters. If we can use media to help others grow or connect, great. If we can invest in others by spreading powerful words, great.

If you don’t want to work with me because I have a philanthropic entrepreneurial business, don’t.

I want to work (and invest in friendships) with world changers. And I’m watching you. To see how you’re changing the world, even if it’s in small ways.

Social equity is the new asset.

I got a call from a CEO recently who said, we saw your work with the homeless and we want you to write our book. Their business has nothing to do with helping the homeless. But in some way, they saw my heart.

If you get criticized for whatever you post, just keep moving on. Be your authentic self.

Some of the people I admire:

Medstar Corporation, whose executive director watched his dad die of cardiac arrest when he was a teen. His authentic story of how he joined the 911 ambulance company to help save lives captured my heart. Leon and Jennifer Birrd who have fed the homeless for 20 years. Greg Secker, a trader in London who now has a program to help people through crisis, and to see their seeds of greatness. Roma Boots, gives boots to orphans because they genuinely care, and Harry Singha, who was abused horribly as a child and has a youth leadership foundation to empower teens all over the world, as well as Nakina Talbert and Nick Vujicic who both help children see who they really are.

I hope you watch this video and view it through the lens of giving. What can you give today?

New York Times Best Selling Author