Saw a movie that reminded me that sometimes our lives are altered forever, but then there are other times when we alter our lives, unknowingly.

I saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie and, being a writer, was in awe of the greatest lines. A fox is in a life and death battle with a rat. Much like the battle you do today, with others, or with yourself. In the battle the unarmed and charming hero, Mr. Fox, is fighting a nasty, oily, grimy street rat who wields a sharp blade. In the end the hero prevails and as the Rat lay dying, he gave up an important secret. Noticing this genuine change in the rat before the rat’s last breath, Mr. Fox’s son says: “He redeemed himself!”

Mr Fox replied: “Ah, REDEMPTION. But in the end, he’s really just another dead rat in the alley behind a chinese restaurant.”

In the end, we have a choice. And sometimes those choices we make are forever. Don’t forget that there are brilliant moments that you can’t get back.

Remember being a child with a shiny red balloon, and accidentally letting it go? It drifted into the sky, unattainable, floating away until it was a small speck in the distance. Then, you blink, and it’s gone.

Hold on, to those moments you love. Hold on even tighter, to the person you love.

Think. Pray.

Be intentional.

When you love something, let it go….

well, That’s a popular cliche’ but that’s all it is, a cliche’. When you love something, hang on for life! Let your knuckles get white as you grip the side of the cliff but hang on, for dear life. Because if you love something and let it go, you may never get it back again. Timing is everything.

Letting go, if even for a moment, is a risk.

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