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I love T.I.

So I took my spouse and another couple to the TI concert recently. This confused many of my friends, who know I love christian music, rock, ,U2, Brandon Heath, and even a few pop songs. But I also love TI. I love music in the way that books or words move us. In TI’s songs, it is the lyrics that move me. He has one song Dead and Gone…about how the old me is dead and gone and the new me is thinking first, before making mistakes. It’s a great song about life and our walk and the choices we all make. Another song I love of his is Live your Life! That ones self-explanatory. This is your life, live it.


  1. I love that you have such a wide array of things you love…

  2. I love it when a song reaches out like that. My playlists run the gamut because I don’t care if the song is rap or classical. If it speaks to me, then that’s all that matters. So, go on with your bad self, girl!!

  3. Welcome to SITS, it’s great to have you as a SITSta!

  4. I love TI also! But I think you just made me really think about what it was he was singing about. Which I hadn’t really done before.

    Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community! Glad you joined!


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