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Practicing what we preach

Yes, you’re right.

Life is complex, and there are many many moments when we should practice what we preach.

I’m an imperfect human in an imperfect world. But aren’t we all?

Forgiveness is hard, but it’s the path to nobility. When you stop to think about it, is it possible that the one who wronged you, did not know the hurt they caused?
I’m sorry. I’m sorry a million times.
You can say that,
but sometimes a heart won’t hear it. It’s possible that when you say ‘I’m sorry,” that someone is so set in their ways that they just won’t understand.

On the streets of dallas this morning with 300 homeless, I saw the result of unforgiveness and bitterness. Ending up at the end of yourself is not about economics. Living under a bridge is about a lack of something emotional – whether it be forgiveness, an inability to reach out and accept a word, overcome a tragedy, or accept love.

I vow to be unoffendable.
Because life is too short. Life is too joyful, and a gift from God.

Reach out, extend a hand, and a heart.
There is no time to waste, no time for grievance or negativity.

Forgiveness is freedom.
Imagine freedom.
and then move on.
People use those two words to describe wealth, but the real wealth is a peaceful life.

Colossians says;
Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another.

This entry is for you.
Imagine freedom.


  1. Amen, Tammy! These are great things to always keep at the forefront of our mind. Freedom is so much better than anything bitterness or anger can promise you!

  2. Again…thank you…I like what you said “I vow to be unoffendable”…Blessings



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