The power of multiplication: Why this 1 thing is the big idea that will multiply your life and business in the New Year.

What’s your 10 year plan?

No matter what your plan is, it involves words.
Content is king.
You’ve heard that.
But what does it really mean?
Because if you sell products or vacuum cleaners or furry hats, or clothing, or consulting, you may not think it applies to you.
But it does.
In every industry,
in every business,
and in every country,
the words we use have power.
You don’t have to be a motivational speaker to know this and apply it to your business. You don’t have to be a word expert like me, and you don’t have to be an author. But what you do need to multiply your life and your business, is to understand that words are currency.
This is the secret that high achievers use.
This is the one big thing, that every 1 percent ER I’ve met understands and deploys to leverage the power of multiplication in their lives.
Words are behind the brand that builds a business. Words are the connecting tissue in relationships and families and cultures. Words are what people remember you by. They make people laugh, they make people cry, they make people live.
When I talk with an entrepreneur or a speaker about monetizing their message, I start with what’s called a White board discovery session.
In the white board session which can be virtual or face-to-face, we talk about their legacy.
It’s not just about their book. It’s about their business. It’s about their brand. It’s about their image.
And most of all, it’s about their impact.
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