Got a call this morning from a friend that another friend was hit by a car last night and died.

I could write a long drawn out blog entry about thankfulness, life, death, and loss, but instead I’ll just say that we only get one shot here on earth. The humans you see in the flesh, right before you, are important. Try not to wound them too much, and when you do, take a deep breath and offer a long embrace. Allow God to use you as a comforter, a blanket of peace. Try to get out of your head.

I have loved hard, and openly.

If you love someone, hold on. Be open and honest and live full on. It’s hard sometimes, and it might hurt, but you may not get a second chance.

be courageous.

Here’s an amazing verse of comfort that someone sent to me last night:

I have not brought you out of the wilderness to allow you to be devoured by the giants in the Land. I brought you out by a miracle of My divine grace…Stretch forth the hand of faith. Set foot upon the territory you wish to claim. I will move ahead of you and clear a path, but you must be determined to follow closely and to hold your ground without wavering. Numbers 13:30, 14:8

Happy thanksgiving!

with love, and a joyful heart…

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