Pattern Interrupt: Is it time for a change?

pattern-interruptIs it time for a change? As we enter Is it time for a change? As we enter a new year and exit the old, its time to think about our goals and aspirations.

Centenarians share several traits and one is that they’re social and open-minded to new ways of doing things.

Routine and discipline is good. But have you ever met someone who changed your life forever? Looking back, you can’t believe your life before them. Or maybe you encountered a new piece of knowledge, way of learning, or travel destination that has opened your heart and mind and altered your perspective.


Pattern interrupts create a shift.

One day we’re traveling down the same dirt road, and the next we decide to take a random left turn that leads to an incredible oasis. You’ve interrupted your normal pattern, and discovered a whole new world.

Pattern interruption is a term used by psychologists to describe a process of achieving massive change by interrupting what you’re currently doing.  Whether it’s an emotional or psychological pattern, eating habits, or a business system, disrupting the habits (pattern) you have developed is key.

Try it today! Here’s 3 ways and reasons why:

1. New experiences can create longevity through new brain stimulation, growth and activity.

Pick ten new experiences you’ll try, and start today.

New food, new music you’d never listen to, new small towns.

The benefit is immediate – because it’s an adventure!

2. Make 3 massive personal changes.

Always wanted to color your hair, write a book, spend 48 hours without your cellphone, or serve the homeless? Do new things alone, to fully feel it.

3. Disrupt your fitness routine.

Your friend love canoeing, weight lifting, running or Pilates but you don’t? Try a completely different exercise and go all in.

Change your eating habits completely, to mirror things you’d normally never eat and you may find your metabolism jump starts, and your body feels healthy. Break out! Do something new, even if life works for you now. I guarantee you’ll meet new people who add to your life, and create a kaleidoscope of rich experiences along the way.

 Tammy Kling

New York Times Best Selling Author