New Year New You: leverage your power of multiplication in 2015

THIS is what everyone wants.
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When a client asks me to help coach them through their book, inevitably they ask about how they can get on the New York Times bestseller’s list.

Of course it’s achievable, and we did it for this client, who is a physician focused on total health and prevention.

I was the ghost writer, I loved working with him because I learned so much about health (did you know that 90% of cardiovascular disease is preventable?) and this book was an instant bestseller.

But why focus on America only?
And not just America, but a tiny city compared to the world. Because the world is much bigger than New York.

THIS is what I coach my clients through.

Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Latin America, and beyond.

Today more than ever before, your business and life is global. We are all mobilepreneurs with mobile devices that can except and send payment for services and products, no matter where we are.

This year I’ll be bringing clients to the London book fair and introducing them to global publishers. I’ll be writing books on several continents for world changers with operations, and staff on the ground in several countries. I’ll be writing a book for the CEO of feeding children everywhere, and other humanitarian organizations and save lives.

Don’t think just local anymore. There’s no reason to. There is someone who needs you and your message, on the other side of the planet.

New York Times Best Selling Author