Monetize Your Business

A book is more than just a product.
It’s a message that tells the story of your company and your life.
A book is a legacy but many of our clients have utilized the book as a tool to increase their results. Send your book to prospects, to build credibility. To clients, to cement relationships. The book is the ultimate marking tool.

Tammy Kling

“As a serial entrepreneur and ambassador for the Kingdom of God, I have been humbled by the opportunity to work with many of the top 1% of leaders within the world of business and the world of ministry. Few possess the intuition, capability and communication skills that Tammy demonstrates to effortlessly bridge the gap between both.

As a business person Tammy gets it, as an ambassador for the kingdom of God Tammy lives it, as a writer Tammy communicates it. Tammy as your personal coach is the simplest way to make sure you will too! My relationship with Tammy as a business person is valuable but her contribution to me as a first time author has been immeasurable. Congratulations on finding her!”


“Tammy Kling is a true professional with great vision to coach you through the process of publishing, marketing and writing a book and creating your legacy. Her attention to detail and follow through is second to none!”

President and Chief Idea Evangelist, It’s Feasible L.L.C.

“Tammy’s expertise was invaluable as she guided us throw the process of crafting a healthcare book for our organization.”

CEO, High Performance Resources

“I was in awe, and inspired, by her powerful message.”

Huffington Post

“Tammy Kling is the best!”

CEO, Feeding Children Everywhere

New York Times Best Selling Author