Mining for Gold

On a trail run this morning over rocks and branches and roots, beneath magnificent trees with low hanging limbs, my shoes began to bother me. I stopped, adjusted a sneaker, and noticed a small blister forming. I remembered the person who gave them to me, and then recalled how that had been a full year ago, and now the shoes were getting worn. “I’ll toss them,” I thought, “but what else should I be cleansing myself and my household of?”

Spring cleaning is a popular act, and I like the idea of an annual cleansing of the house, but also of your mind, body and heart. Those things that exist in your heart or soul that are perhaps ignoble, can hold you back, and the dangerous part is that at times they are unconcious so you don’t even know you’re being held back. It’s like the Johari window pane theory that What you Don’t Know you don’t know. It’s the invisibles, that can threaten your walk.

So on that run, I thought about two people in particular, who were meant to be in my life for a season, and that the season had run out. We worked with them, equipped them, provided them tools in various ways – mentally, financially or spiritually, and now it’s time for them to move on. Sometimes you must cleanse, in order to make room for that next person, or thing to enter your life. Whose standing in line around the corner, waiting to meet you, listen to you, or be changed by you?

Who has God placed on the path ahead, to offer transformation in YOUR life?

Make room for them. Cleanse, today. 

By about the last mile I had carefully considered three specific people places and things that it was time to let go of and push out of the nest, in order for them to fly, and for me to move on along the road. We can love, and equip, and then it’s okay to realize that the rest is not up to us. In life, the process of renewal, turning over, exfoliation, and purification, is so important to breathe new life into your soul.

In the process of mining for Gold, it might be the Gold that we’re looking for, but you cannot get it without the step of purification. 

Gold is extremely rare. It’s even rarer than Platinum, (altho platinum is harder to find within the earth’s crust due to the even dispersion.) But to get the precious Gold into a beautiful state, you must process it, through the step of purification. 

There’s a verse in the best book ever written, that says “In a large house there are articles of silver and Gold, but also of wood and clay.” It calls the first, noble, and the latter, Ignoble. (love that word!) That verse in Timothy, reminds me of the importance process of purification. Today, I’ll focus on the future, and removing all of the ignoble things I can let go of from the past. 

Standing outside my writers workshop the other day, four men vowed to let go of specific things. Cigarettes, said one, Addiction, said another. Alcohol, said one. Cursing, said someone else. Bad women, said a young man. Some of the ignobles are hard, yet others are relatively simple!

What is it you want to let go of today? Share, if you dare.

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