Me & Jerry

Me & Jerry

This is a photo of me and one of my closest friends, Jerry.  He has touched my life in many ways.  I’m lucky he doesn’t have a computer because he would be angry with me for posting it.  He doesn’t have a computer, a home, a car, or any of the comforts we all enjoy each day.  Jerry is homeless, and this photo was taken in front of my house.

Jerry is a representation of one of my major life beliefs.  You are not what you do, you are who you are.

This year, this principle has become more and more apparent in my own life.

This is the major theme within the book The Compass that will be released in a May time frame. It’s a book that follows the film produced by John Spencer Ellis and John and I collaborated on the book.

What does that principle really mean through your own life?

When you go to a cocktail party, the first thing someone asks you, after your name, is what do you do? In this world we have defined ourselves by achievement and material things. A woman who is a life coach, who coaches people on the laws of attraction recently sent me a message that “We attract all of the good and the bad in our lives.” I sent her back a message that The Compass book and DVD offers a truth from thought leaders across the world, that is the opposite of that.  In The Compass the message is to find who you really are,  and who you are destined to be in order to live your best and authentic life! It’s not about visualization or attraction.  It’s so much more than that. It’s about doing, being, loving, acting, recovering, and evolving. It’s about being a world changer yourself.

There are people making their entire living off the law of attraction.  I told her that a 6 year old girl did not “attract” a rape.  Sometimes bad things happen. I know this from life experience. My father put a bullet in his head when I was seven, and it changed my life forever. I did not attract it.  I work now with people who have survived plane crashes, trauma, abuse, loss of jobs, foreclosure and tragedy.  They did not attract it.

This “life coach” asked me then, what my “credentials” were to coach.  Again, I told her – it’s not your one day or one week coaching certificate that earns you wisdom and authenticity.  It’s not a Harvard degree.  I have taken advanced psychology and brain courses at Harvard.  Does that make me a better, more educated, authentic individual who is now “certified” to coach? Nope.

I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who are not authentic who are teaching things they have learned based on almost true principles. You cannot be angry with them. They are just confused. The most authenticity comes from who you are and what gifts you’ve been given on this journey.  My most authentic experiences have been working with plane crash survivors and their families in the jungles of Columbia.  I’ve worked with the individuals and world changers for years.  I have spent time on the street every week with people who have no material things, like Jerry, my homeless friend. This is what gives you the “credentials” you need.  When you are equipped with the gifts that can make a difference, and when you really use them on a daily basis.

The Compass makes you realize that there is no secret.  There is NO secret! There is only Truth.  The truth is that who you are, and the gifts within you, are what matters.

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