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img_0662img_0646Te U besc

Mi Amore

Je taime

I love you

No matter the language, love changes you.


  1. So are you still in London-hope you are enjoying your stay and that you have not forgotton in all the business of life to find time to be with God and meet with his children.Hope we get to talk

  2. I pre ordered the Compass today… I am going to DEVOUR it! Blessings and LOVE to you! P.S. I may have found my possible sons grandmother in Biloxi Mississippi (Two hour drive away) I will keep you posted.

  3. Now that is God’s country, I am amazed at the beauty and are blessed by just seeing your pictures…. I picture that countryside to be the simplicity in life that we all need to be experiencing.

    Love ya sis,

  4. beautiful.

    i am stopping by from SITS to say hello!


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