Letters from Readers

Dear author,

Your book The Compass, saved my life. After a divorce I felt no reason to live. A friend gave me The Compass, and the story of tragedy and forgiveness helped me see that there are true messengers in my life. I don’t know what is the future but I have to survive and have faith. You are right. There are things in this world, that we cannot see.

Holland (the city in which The Compass takes place)

Miss Kling,

I have just finished to read your book, The Compass, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. In Portuguese (I am from Brazil), it has the title: ” A b├║ssula da felicidade”. A direct translation could be: “The happiness compass”. I didn’t buy The Compass, a friend of mine had given it to me as a birthday present.

I’m not an expert or an intellectual. I’m just a simple guy, but I really want to congratulate you on your book. I’m sure that this book is able to change lives!

Gilmar C. Neves. Portugal.

Hello Tammy.

The most important thoughts I had after completing the Compass, was that of forgiveness. I am a “student” of A Course in Miracles. You are probably familiar with it? Another thought was in your life lessons…No. 10 I believe.

“There can be magic in ordinary things.” How marvelously true!!!

Well, the book was a blessing to me as I’m sure it has been and is to many people. I have loaned my copy out several times already. May God continually bless you.


Jo from Southfork, Colorado

Hi Tammy,

I read your book The Compass in Turkish translation. I love this book and the idea that there are people who are sent to us to teach us things, and leave us with lessons that impact our destiny.

Kind Regards,



Dear Tammy,

Thank you thank you thank you. Your book

changed my life. I will nurture and love, and most of all I will let go of the anchors that have held me down.

Tom G. Chicago, Illinois

Greetings from Bulgaria,

Please write more books about love and forgiveness. You have reached a deep part of my soul.


You are Divinely sent to me…Your email deeply touched me, even brought tears to my eyes. I appreciate who you are.

Mary Giuffra

Licensed Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach

New York Times Best Selling Author