What’s your legacy?

Mine is to change lives with words.

To ignite communications, in organizations, in relationships, and among teams and leaders, with world changers.

When I left the corporate world and became a corporate drop out I never imagined I’d be a sought after speaker and strategist inside the corporate walls. This is a seminar at Pepsi, where leaders gathered for a day full of strategic workshops specifically focused on one topic:

It’s a whole new gentler, softer, corporate world. The cultures are no longer like the show Shark Tank. Leaders have evolved. At Pepsi the leadership team has a term now to “be fully present,” and “bring your whole self to work.”

It’s a culture that celebrates legacy.

I began the dream by writing my own books, and the dream flourished.

I’ve written books with some of the worlds top leaders, including the CEO of Dial Corporation, (sold to Henkel after we published the book) Wrigley, and many other amazing entrepreneurial and humanitarian ventures. People whose sole falling is to feed hungry children, fix poverty, or transform and empower lives. Suicide prevention, is a particular cause I’m close to, because words change lives.


I empower world changers to use their words.

Your words create your legacy and tell your story and inside the corporate organization it’s the same way too. I have a leadership seminar called The Conversation. It’s simple yet 360 from our normal everyday, fast paced techno lives and connections. It’s contrary to the way we connect with others and in business, but it’s fresh and refreshing. Everything old is new again. The face to face, matters. Eye contact, will set you far apart – and ahead of your competitors.

What if
There Was a new Way of doing things?

In my TEDx talk I said,
Words are currency.

They are. Use yours today to empower yourself, and someone else.


New York Times Best Selling Author