Leadership in 2015

What are you going to do in 2015 that’s going to help drive even better results

for your customers, your business and for you?

Madness is always doing what we always did, and expecting different results,

let alone better results.

If you want to achieve different results, better results, then you’re going to

have to do something different, something better, otherwise the results are

going to remain the same, and in our ever changing world, staying the same

is the same as going backwards.

When I first set out to write a new book about my FAST strategy for leaders, I

contacted Tammy because I know that she has been working with leaders for

the past decade and I wanted to get her opinion on FAST. She loved it, and

told me it could be bigger than Good to Great, and that she thought that

corporate leaders would love it too.

FAST is an approach I have defined based on over 20 years experience of

turning round failing projects, underperforming departments, and FAST works

because it eliminates many of the common causes of failure.

FAST is easy to understand, pragmatic and gets our teams engaged in doing

the right job, which then their increases effectiveness. Once we have them

doing the right job, then we can then focus on getting them to do a good job,

one which will increase their over all efficiency.

Too often people focus on efficiency first, but if our teams are working on the

wrong things it doesn’t matter how efficient they are, all this good effort is just

wasted. It’s like tires spinning in the mud, it doesn’t matter how fast they spin,

if there is no traction and then there is no real progress.

By having our teams doing the right job, and a good job FAST ensure that we

are both effective and efficient, and this is a recipe for excellent results.

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Gordon Tredgold

CEO & Founder

Leadship Principles LLC

New York Times Best Selling Author