“The broken lights were a warning, you got inside my head, I did my best to be guarded, but I was an open book instead.”


Those lyrics are the lines to one of my favorite songs. It’s a reminder that in all of life and trouble, there are broken lights on the freeway. You spot them, sometimes at the last moment, but they are there.

Do you remember a time in your life when you saw the warning sign, or perhaps felt the twinge of resistance, yet you forged on instead only to experience a dead end? 

Maybe it was a relationship, or a career, or some other open door you knew you shouldn’t enter. Sometimes it takes years, before you can see clearly.

There are moments when the allure of the path not taken, and the expectation of success, seems exciting, but what if we let go of the expectation in favor of now?

I personally am thankful for the warning lights on the freeway, and even more so when I take the detour. Sometimes it’s a warning in someone else’s life that we need to pay attention to, and at other moments it’s in our own. I don’t like to learn the hard way, but why does it seem as if that’s the way it often is?

A friend said today; “I just want to hang on to my thankfulness. I remember the day I had quarters in my pocket for coffee, and that’s it. I am thankful for even that. Thankful that when I was homeless God brought me through.”

He’d survived a lot, like we all have, and there is joy, and true freedom in that.

Happy Independence weekend, friends.

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