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How to write a book

How to write a book

I’m in the business of helping people write a book. Often times this means shaping their words to fit a mass market, bringing their product to a literary agent, or building a brand.

Are you interested in writing your legacy?

The first step, is to WRITE.

This is advice a world famous writer gave me years ago. He said: writers write.

And thats the advice I give people today,
Start a journal.
Write your story.

Many memoirs have been sold for millions of dollars and they’re just stories of peoples lives.

What is your story?

My best coaching advice is to guide you to catalogue the best stories, and emotions about your life today.


  1. I’ve been journaling since I was a child and some of those journals I’m terrified for my daughter to read. However, I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a child as well. I think if I had a focus it would be my journey from then until now and how God has been working in and through my life – but much more than just a testimony.
    What avenue would you suggest that I take at this point?

    Anything advice is awesome!

    • It sounds like your journals are very personal. My advice is to first buy and read a memoir, and see how you feel about the writing stele. The kiss, about a daughters relationship with her father, or a million little pieces, about drug addiction, or some other memoir z(true story about someone’s life) will help inspire you to write your life story, even if yours is tame in comparison. We all have things to share with the world, and we are all connected by pain. NIGHT a memoir by Elie Wiese
      , is one of the best I’ve ever read. Go to the bookstore, sit on the floor, read. Your journey will begin then. You can edit out the stories you don’t want your daughter to read! Blessings, tammy

    • Mindy

      A lot of my earliest journals have turned into books…

      Keep writing!

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I just wrote and published a book through The P3 Press, a divisions of Brown Books Publishing Group here in Dallas. I just returned from a one week book tour in Ohio where it was met with much enthusiasm. I was even able to line up a few newspaper and radio interviews along with several author events (lectures, book signings).

    The problem I have is in getting my book “out there”. The P3 Press is not a typical royalty publisher – I own all rights to the book. I don’t have a distributor nor an agent.

    Would you have any suggestions for how I can get more exposure for my book? I am thinking of going with a literary agent, but have no idea how to go about getting in touch with a good one.

    My toughest problem is in reaching people about the book. Once they read it, they say they can’t put it down. I also have a great desire for others to read it because it will serve to help spread the message in it, about not giving up in life.

    God bless you for all the work you do!!!


    • Hi Patricia that’s great! Congratulations.


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Let Me Help You Tell You Your Story

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