"Houston we have a problem."

So I woke up at 1:30 am and have stayed up, through the night, consumed with ideas. This is not abnormal for a writer, but the problem exists when the writer has little people to take care of who have slept soundly through the night, and will therefore be wired in the morning.

I’m on London time. It makes no sense, since I have not been to London in 7 years, but I am. I am up from 1:30-5 am, and by 2 pm I’ll be ready for bed. The only reason I can think of for being on London time is that my London publisher is in the process of working on The Compass book, but why should that keep me up at night over here?

In the morning, I’ll have two toddlers raring to go full throttle, begging me to go outside and play. I’ll feel like a schmuck for wanting to stay in bed all day because I was up in the night, unable to sleep. Then again I am not sure I’ve slept in 6 years. As moms, we get quite used to never sleeping, don’t we? Motherhood – it’s a whole new world!

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