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Tammy Kling is an international author of 104 books. She is a corporate ghost writer, business writer,¬†life coach, blogger,¬†coach, and brand advisor to speakers and CEOs. As a former Crisis Management Team Leader with a major airline, Tammy worked emotional aspects of airplane crash recovery and victim and survivor management, with families after a crash. Inside today’s corporations, Tammy coaches employees one on one as part of corporate wellness initiatives. Tammy has written several books with CEOs of companies on total life prosperity and physical and emotional wellness.

Tammy has written 7 books on healthcare, wellness and fitness. She speaks regularly to audiences about mind, body, soul and achieving longevity.

Her work inside corporations focuses on Leadership, Goal Setting, Creating Green Cultures, and Crisis Management. Tammy is also the founder of the homeless writers project, a filming, literary, and homeless speakers program to help rehabilitate and inspire the homeless.

Companies she’s worked inside coaching, writing, and transforming include:

New York Times Best Selling Author