Growth! Do you see your own success – and how far you’ve come?

Sometimes there’s a dream within the dream. 

And it’s hidden inside, so you might not even see it. Look closer. 

Entrepreneurs and executives set life and business goals for their lives, and then once we achieve them, we set higher goals. Yet sometimes there’s a far more magnificent dream that comes along with the one you were trying to achieve. You have achieved the goal, and then you’ve gained something even bigger – like perhaps a new city, or relationship, or an entirely new revenue stream or group of friends.

I experienced this recently in two ways when I traveled to Colorado for the Creede mountain run. I’m an avid mountain and trail runner, but not because I like to exercise. I’m a trail runner because I achieved a dream of having a child, and then after that I needed a solution to get my body back. So I began running and discovered a magnificent new lifestyle of running in the woods like a child. Now when I write or coach a client, we often do it on the trail. There was a dream within the dream. When Reebok asked me to write about their running shoes, it was yet another huge goal I had wanted to achieve – but in the future – and I had not anticipated that it would just happen. But it did. Because of my lifestyle, they contacted me. 

How about you?

You can build your life so that your life and business intersect. And that will ensure that you experience dreams within the dream – meaning that when you set specific, tangible goals, you will also experience accelerated and unexpected growth.

Are you prepared for it?

How about the growth you’ve already achieved?

After the Creede mountain run, which is a magnificent trek up the infamous bachelor loop mountain in Colorado, I ran straight into my favorite restaurant in the world, Far Dog. I often write and blog as a travel writer for five star hotels and restaurants, and yet this tiny restaurant, opened by a woman entrepreneur and her boyfriend, is my absolute top pick.

The entrepreneurs had a dream to open an intimate, funky restaurant in this peaceful mountain setting. That was the big dream. Yet during that process they soon discovered that their restaurant would be jam packed wall to wall, as it was that day I ran in after my run for breakfast. Far Dog had achieved such massive growth that it was – standing room only. 

What would that growth look like in your life and business?

Would it mean you’d grow to become healthier, drop ten pounds, or achieve a fitness goal? Would it mean your client revenue would double next year? Sometimes we’ve reached standing room only and we forget to stop, and be grateful. And of course, then it’s time to reset and prepare for the next stage. Because standing room only means you’ve achieved the dream.

Creede is a miner town of 400 or so set into a box canyon. It’s a majestic place to build a dream and establish a business as an entrepreneur.  It’s the place I escape to write books.

After the mountain run, I stripped off my race shirt and placed it on the table, and my runners high wore off when the entrepreneur owner announced that they couldn’t make a profit because of their growth. Yes, it was standing room only, but they hadn’t prepared for the growth, and there simply weren’t enough tables to continually make a profit. The growth was good. But they needed to grow more. The town was great. But with a population under 500 year round, was it the place to achieve their business goals?  

These are the decisions entrepreneurs and business leaders must continually make.Because when you achieve a dream, there’s a bigger dream or opportunity that comes with it.

Is it time to grow more? Is it a season of maintaining where you are? Is it necessary to expand, or reach out to others in order to manage all the opportunity coming your way?

Now here is where life and business intersect. Growth is a great thing. It shows us what we are made of because in your life, you’ll achieve remarkable growth, that you may not be prepared for. At that moment you’ll stand at the crossroads and have to make some hard decisions.

Growth is a great thing. 

But there comes a point when you have to stop, and evaluate your five year plan.

You’ve already achieved so much, so stop and make a list of the top 5 biggest goals and dreams that you have already attained. The truth is, you’ve already won. You’re a winner. 

Perhaps the one big goal now, is to become known as the expert in your space.

It made me think of all the small businesses including mine that had reached a point of standing room only. It’s a great place to be. When you come in such demand that people all over the world recognize your value, it’s the dream of every entrepreneur.

Are you ready for growth?

I’m in the space of implementing processes that will support additional growth to continue living this dream into the next decade. Most people spend years to get to standing room only. Others, like Far Dog, accomplish it in just a few.

What about you?

You can stay small, or grow bigger. It’s up to you. The sky is the limit. Or, you can start over, find a new location and even do something different and be just as successful as you were before.

Standing room only occurs when you use your gifts.

Like Far Dog, it’s really who you are – that is the core of your business.

Operate with joy and excitement from the core of your true gifts.

The adventure of the next five years awaits. 

New York Times Best Selling Author