Giving back: how to build a hybrid company and be an entrepreneur who changes the world

When I wrote my first book, it was after a season of trying to figure out the meaning of life. I had just worked a very important job in crisis management for a major airline, and it involved negotiating, talking to families who had just suffered tragedy, and managing the schedules and emotions of hundreds of lost and broken people.
I was thrust into the center of the tornado, yet
It felt as if I was in my comfort zone.  I grew up longing to know my father, who committed suicide when I was seven. The discomfort felt like my comfort zone.
Yet after that, when I flew back to the United States, I discovered that I longed for more. As I sat in the company meetings afterwards, I realized I wanted to do something that would change lives. I started writing and When I wrote that first book, I never knew how much we would give back as a company. Today my company, OnFire Books, does book drops for underprivileged children, homeless children, and even adults. We give books, journals, and other goodies away and a backpack designed to focus people on healing through the power of words.
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In my Ted talk I said that words are currency. And that is certainly true. No matter who you are, your words have power. Your life and your business is a legacy. What can you teach others about living life as a success, with a positive mindset?
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How can you teach others, that anything is possible and that they can achieve the same things you did?
Being an entrepreneur involves giving back. Every step of the way we have the opportunity to mentor, mold, and grow others. I hope to be a role model and inspiration not only for my own sons, but for anyone else who comes into contact with me. Here’s three ways to design a business that keeps on giving back.
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#1: Focus on your passion
Don’t try to do things that are not authentic. It won’t work because you’ll lose your interest for it.
#2. Focus on building a life not building a business
Remember that your business earns money to fund your life. Once you focus on building a life, you think of all the ways that you want to live. Some people focus on freedom and think that being an entrepreneur brings freedom. But that’s not true. Sometimes freedom comes in the form of a steady paycheck. Being an entrepreneur involves hard work, and erotic hours. Make sure that’s what you’re signing up for and go ahead and live your dream
#3. Just do it
Don’t quit your day job. Just go ahead and start on your dream. There’s plenty of hours in the day before bedtime. And there’s plenty of hours in the night. If you truly are passionate about something, just do it. And make sure you incorporate Waze that your new business will change lives. If you already have an existing business, make a list of how you could give back to others in order to teach them how to do what you did or to change lives.

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