GIVE: 3 easy ways to give back (and have your family give with you!)


During the Thanksgiving season, Why do we automatically contemplate giving back to others during the month of November? It’s like the hint of fall and the smell of turkey are a trigger for packing up gloves and coats, serving the homeless, or giving back in some other way.

If you pay attention, you start to see a shift, from the hectic activities of the year to the warm-hearted ads between football games, articles or blog posts about the homeless, or serving meals to the elderly. There’s a variety of ways to give, and it can be confusing to figure out. If you’re a busy professional like most of us – the giving season sneaks up on you.

Life is hectic, work requires attention, and your family, your relationships, and your business take up most of your time.

Here’s three easy ways to give:


Give out of your core values. Determine what you and your family feel most passionate about and choose that.

Is it the elderly?


Select a local retirement community and stop in. Most will need volunteers to serve the patients left behind on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Deliver flowers, roam the halls, talk to them.

Volunteer at your closest local homeless shelter. In every city, they exist! In some cities, thousands of children sleep on the street or in shelters every night.


Gather your entire family together one night during Thanksgiving week for a Giving Project right in your own home – and write inspirational notes or cards for our Words are Currency program!

Write anything you want, and then send one big envelope with the letters, to our team at OnFire Books! During the months of December and January we will distribute the cards and notes to kids and adults that need it most!

The point is, there’s a lot of opportunity to give. Thanksgiving, may just be the best season of all.

In gratitude,


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