Live long enough, and you’ll witness a world driven by fear. People have a desire to control things without even realizing it, and at times, fears from the past, enter into their agenda, or daily inner workings. Our fear can hold us back, and become a barrier to success and love. Running on the beach one morning, I felt a tinge of fear, and a rush of adrenaline in the morning darkness. I was in California filming a movie to be released in 2010, and I wanted to get my run in. But it was 530 am! The sky was black, and it was impossible to see.
When my sneakers hit the sand, I ran and could barely see two feet in front of me.
There was a large shadow on the ground ahead, and I squinted. I noticed it was long and tall, about the size of a large dog, or perhaps someone who’s slept on the beach the night before. I was running with a dear friend of mine, and I’m not sure if she noticed, or even hesitated. She’s fearless, a woman who takes life by the reins.
For a moment the thought of danger flashed to the forefront of my mind. If anyone attacked me here, it would be dark and silent amidst the crashing waves. No one would know! But that thought lasted perhaps a mere 5 seconds. I continued running, enjoying the beautiful sound of the crashing waves, the solitude of the darkness, the adventure of running in total black! Like everything else in life, I knew, that one thing was for certain:
 the dawn would come soon.

Are there fears in your own life (large or miniscule) that you’ve

allowed to dictate your decisions? What if you lived a completely fearless existence, and you understood, as Roosevelt said; There is no greater fear, than fear itself. 

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