fear and other false realities

Someone recently told me; “You scare me.”

I never thought of myself as a frightening person and I have no idea what they meant by it, but I think sometimes some things are just better left alone. I know I’m not scary. I know that sometimes I just encourage people to step out onto the ledge, and live the life of their dreams, or reconnect with their heart, fears, or someone they love and lost. That step might be scary, and the advice might be scary, but it’s not me who is scary. I reject that!

Seth Godin wrote a recent blog entry that was so simplistic. It was; Nothing

The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.

This makes me think of so many people I know, in so many areas and places of fear in their lives. I simply cannot understand anyone who wants something, but does nothing about it. And I’ve also realized that sometimes I have to stop coaching, and let God step in. Maybe what they want isn’t happening for a reason. Maybe what they want shouldn’t be wanted or acquired because there’s a different divine plan. Or maybe they will come out of their fog fifteen years down the road only to find that it’s too late. Fear stops people from obtaining a lot of life dreams. It stops relationships from occurring, and it prevents people from loving their own children, friends, families. Fear is just a mirage. 

Nothing scary about that.

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