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Countdown to Paris

So today I learned that my DEAR husband’s passport is about to expire.

‘You cannot travel!” the WOMAN at the embassy (she was French) informed me. “You MUST get him a new passport.”

So ..the quest is on. 

We depart for Paris in a few days, and in about 48 hours we have to figure out how to get him a new passport, that has “more than 90 days to expiration.” FUN FUN FUN

Plan B.

Plan B will be – for moi, and my wonderful publicist Bianca, to fly to Paris with the two kids, and manage the Eiffel Tower, and the most romantic city in the world, alone! I have to go, because I’ve got book business, the London book fair, and a lot of other great thing planned. But among them…was a romantic dinner with the husband, running at the base of the Eiffel tower (while Bianca watched the kids) and shopping in paris, dining in London, taking the Bullet train…


God willing, it will all work out. I need to be in London for 5 days to meet with publishers for my new book, The Compass. I’m meeting with a publisher from Holland, Bulgaria, London McGraw Hill, and others…

***I’m being very patient, with my man, about his passport not being current.

It’s safer just to vent here. Keeps me out of trouble at home.



Stay tuned….


  1. Geez..What am I going to do whitout you for all that time??? I AM going to miss you!

  2. Aw, I’ll say a prayer for you! I hope he gets to go! I want to go! Can I go?! I’m pretty skinny, I might can fit in your suitcase…

  3. Thanks for leaving comments! If you plan to travel with me..make SURE YOUR passport is valid!!! ( :

  4. I can’t believe that! Oh my goodness…that totally sounds like something I would do though.

    Jeff said…what’s really important though…is that he gets his chocolates 🙂

    Seriously though–I can’t wait to hear how this turns out!! Hopefully it will WORK!

  5. Thank you for the responce on Lisa’s site. I have a son in Paris. He married a lovely French research biologist! Life is an adventure. I’ll be checkinb in on your travels.


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