Change-makers: The Igniter, The Visionary, The Observer. Which One Are You?

There’s the N on the gear shift in your car for a reason. Neutral is vital. It’s critical sometimes. But it’s not sexy. It’s not even slow. It’s just neutral. No one likes to feel stuck like there’s no movement. No one likes the waiting game. But what if neutral is exactly where you’re supposed to be?

One of the best skills you can have in life and business – is knowing when to change lanes. And, when to stay exactly where you are.

In my work with 1% ers I’ve observed the link between emotion – and change. The psychology of change, is driven by emotional satisfaction, and what that high achiever “gets” from the change. For some, the payback is the excitement and adrenaline of change. For others, it’s the planning and hope of the future and the process of it.

Timing is vital to your success in life no matter who you are. Making the right move at the right time could mean the difference between a successful business launch, relationship, parenting conversation, and health outcome.

Knowing what to do when – is absolutely a vital skill to develop. Sometimes, it just requires going against the grain of impulsive reactions or emotion.

Be a change-maker. Be the change. But make sure you’re not just changing because you’re bored or impatient.

There are three types of change-makers. Which one are you?

Type 1: The Igniter

The igniter wants to light the match. This type of change maker is comfortable injecting new ideas into a team meeting, starting new projects and companies, and almost never considers failure an option. Often they’re entrepreneurs who chase change. They get an adrenaline rush from the possibilities on the road ahead.

This type of change-maker is like a wild stallion in the corral. It may be hard for others to understand them. 

The Igniter may leap forward in action and results with or without a plan.

Sometimes it’s ready, fire, aim!

For this type of personality it may be easier to make a change than stay.

This type of change maker is confident in their ability to make things happen and many CEOs and leaders possess this type of personality.

Type 2: The Visionary

The visionary sees change as an opportunity for growth and desires to stay in motion. However, the visionary will map out the plan on paper first, and envision the effects and possibilities and resulting impact of the change five or even ten years down the road. The priority of the visionary is often the vision. This type of individual wants to fulfill the long term vision and create sustainable results. Planning might take time.

Type 3: The Observer

Change is a pleasure others will continually tempt you with, and the observer knows it.

This type of change maker is capable of change, but aware that change might be a deceptively beautiful pond infested with alligators. The observer observes, calculates, plans, considers and investigates before the change. This process may take months or years, but never just days.

The observer tends to value and observe the facts about the resulting change.

This type of individual often sees themselves as open and receptive to change when others don’t see them that way. Inside they may secretly desire to make a change, but then don’t.

This individual is far more comfortable in neutral than the other types of change makers.

The point is, that each type of change-maker has unique traits. And when you can understand how you’re naturally wired, it will help you to evaluate your decisions (and hesitations) more clearly.

An Igniter, for instance, can be a change addict. He or she may have to recognize when the emotional need of “not being bored” is overtaking reason, or impacting a desire for change. It may be time for neutral, which for igniters is a painful yet sometimes necessary place to be. The Observer might find the emotional need for – comfort – causing them to remain stagnant, or stuck.

The Visionary might have an emotional connection to hope – more than the outcome itself. If this type is you, there may be times when you need to consider embracing an unknown – over the plan, having faith, and allowing for the vision of others who might unexpectedly inject strength, wisdom, or a new business opportunity into your life!

Understand where you are, and what’s driving you emotionally. It will help you see the triggers, uncover blind spots, and eliminate or harness fears.

You are a Change-maker.

Which one are you?

New York Times Best Selling Author